Audio & Video Design, was established in 1988 with the sole purpose of providing the finest entertainment solutions, with professional residential and commercial systems, that combine the world’s best audio, video, Lighting and Automation brands with a unique bespoke design process and unrivaled customer service. The company’s founder takes his roots from the high-end audio business, passion for sound, and commitment to delivering the highest quality in every project.

Working with interior decorators, combining High technology and architecture, with no quality sacrifice. Having the ability to understand client’sneeds before hand, insuring confidence and satisfaction. Be knowledgeable in construction, electronics, decor, sound, acoustics, and ergonomics.

Limit equipment to client’s expectations. Avoid salesperson’s aggressiveness and unnecessary over-design schemes.  Focus on Performance, appearance and value. Consensus designs will keep equipment, and labor costs to a minimum. Design intuitive and easy to operate systems.

State of the art installation and design will avoid equipment damage and complicated operations.  Work with virtually all-finest manufacturers, and apply proper equipment according to each particular environment. Please every member of household, according to own needs and limitations.