Automation & Control

An intelligently designed home automation system can create a number of functional enhancements to your home. Audio and Video, Lighting, security and temperature management can be controlled from virtually anywhere, in or out of your home.

"Time" them to turn on or off at preferred preset schedules. Control your cooling system over the internet and monitor your security cameras wherever you are. Shades and curtains can be controlled by the same system, or self operated via light sensors according to today's sun exposure.

Our Automation and lighting systems are managed by the most reliable names in the industry: Crestron and Vantage Controls. Intuitive and creative capabilities but simple, stable, and secure.

Consider it as your electronics butler, architect or conductor. Under its baton through its multi formats screens all house electronics could be reached and easily operated.

Control and Command your media server, cable TV, climate and lighting, your garden sprinklers, security, doors and access control with a touch of a button, via wireless Pads, in Wall Touch Screens, or mobile phones.

Be in control.