Entertainment Servers

The digital era continues to present a multitude of opportunities, and each new innovation has the potential to revolutionize the home entertainment industry.

Working with the award winning entertainment server, our systems affords you the opportunity to store your entire movie and music collection on a central storage server.

The stored media is streamed so that it can be accessed and enjoyed from any room in the house – on any occasion. Furthermore, the absence of CDs and DVDs eliminates the need for bulky storage units, as well as the inconvenience caused by misplaced or damaged discs. The result – a seamless, streamlined entertainment set-up that provides high-level convenience, and a high definition audio and video experience.

We also provide server solutions for retrofit projects, so you needn’t worry about re-working existing interiors. We offer an unbeatable digital system, which enables wireless access to your entire digital music collection. This technology enables users to simultaneously play different music selections from their media servers, in multiple rooms.