Lighting is about more than just visibility; It’s about setting the mood. 

It’s about the drama and the glamour of light.

Our lighting control solutions afford you the convenience of customized mood solutions that you can recall at the touch of a button. Each preset lighting program is designed to provide the optimum lighting mood for each occasion. Bringing out the shadows and the architectural greyscales.

Both reliable and easy-to-use, an automated lighting system will take care of your lighting preferences, even when you’re away from home. If security or energy saving is a concern, you can avoid the impression of an empty house. Carve, polish and personalize your lighting scenes, thus taking control of your electric bills and spending.

That is easily achieved by presetting specific lights or time them, to come on and off from evening till dawn.

Lighting Design is all about bringing the architecture of your home or hospitality environment in the PM. After the sunsets, we will create the light; with the help of Wever&Ducre, XAL, Contrast, Flos, Delta Light we will make of your home true hollywoodian scenery.