First. To know you…

The best way to ensure we are designing a system that will deliver exactly what you want is by getting to know you.

An integral part of any auditorium system’s process is setting aside some time to discuss your likes and dislikes, as well as your  family’s, without overdesign and sales aggressiveness.  We will then craft a tailored proposal,  intuitive and reliable interfaces, that are usable at first sight, covering both your needs, and other stakeholder’s, seeking a perfect equilibrium between efficiency, comfort and luxury.

Making sure you understand

Once our team has fully understood your lifestyle preferences, they will then sit with you and walk you through the suggested system components, carefully explaining each any every element, its functionality, benefits and what to expect from the system as a whole.

Hand Over

Once the project is ready for handover, our Designer will walk you through the completed system, making sure to capture a smile on your face. At this stage, you are seeing your dream become reality and are being prepped to enjoy your very own customized system.

You are not left alone.

Once you are in charge of your environment,  we will assist your need in many ways. Polish or make corrections to the system, amends, or customize it further once you have totally taken control, and understand the full potential of it. We can monitor your electronics and perform  remote maintenance sessions before you even notice, in case  something is not right.