Passion, Precision & Perfection…  33 years.


auditorium, was established in 1988 with the sole purpose of providing the finest architectural technologies available. it is the region’s leader in audiovisual, automation and acoustical environments. For over  30 years  the company has prided itself on consistently delivering brilliantly engineered solutions for residential, corporate and commercial environments. Achieved by combining the world’s best Audio, Video Lighting and Automation brands, with a unique bespoke design process, and unrivalled customer service. The company’s founder takes his roots from the high-end audio business, passion for sound, and commitment to delivering only the highest quality in every project.

Working with interior designers, combining High technology and architecture, with no quality sacrifice. We have learned the ability to understand client’s needs before hand, insuring confidence and satisfaction. We are knowledgeable in construction, electronics, decor, sound, acoustics, and ergonomics. Equipped with a team of highly trained and certified professionals, auditorium has always been renown for utilizing the industry’s finest brands to create award-winning, technology-enhanced environments. We ensure that all interactions with technology both at home and in the office are sleek, discreet, simple, intuitive and responsive, enabling you to manage your electronics with the blink of an eye, or simple voice commands.